2 West Carling Bay Rd 
Nobel,  ON  P0G 1G0
P - 705 342 5856
F - 705 342 9527
8am-4pm   Monday - Friday

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Carling Township is a small rural municipality that services a mix of year-round and seasonal residents. We are fortunate to have a great recreation setting with numerous in-land lakes and the beautiful Georgian Bay islands and waters to enjoy. Our area is renowned for its picturesque wind-blown pines, sheltered waterways for fishing and boating, and gnarled rocky islands emerging from the water that make for recreation opportunities in pristine environments. As well, winter provides excellent recreation opportunities for whatever your winter pursuit. We are also a popular tourist destination with resorts, restaurants, marinas, parks, and tourist outfitters to meet all your needs.


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The Crafters Gathering
Wed Oct 23 @10:00am 12: 00 pm
Private Event - Hall Rental
Wed Oct 23 @06:00pm 09: 00 pm

Upcoming Events at the Community Centre

The Crafters Gathering
Wed Oct 23 @10:00am 12: 00 pm
Private Event - Rental
Wed Oct 23 @06:00pm 09: 00 pm
Seniors Exercise
Thu Oct 24 @10:30am 12: 00 pm
Line Dancing
Thu Oct 24 @06:30pm 09: 30 pm
Fire Training
Sat Nov 30