Right after an emergency, you may feel stressed, confused and disoriented. These are
perfectly normal reactions. If you are informed and prepared, you will be in a position to
recover more quickly and you can help others do the same.
The following steps will help you get back on track.

Help the injured
Help anyone who is injured. Get your emergency survival kit (the first aid kit should be
with it).
Listen to the radio
Listen to your local radio station for instructions and information.
103.3 Moose FM
Check your home
Check for damage to your home. Remember the following points:

  • Use a flashlight - don't light matches or turn on the electrical switches if you suspect damage or smell gas.
  • Check for fires and fire hazards.
  • Sniff for gas leaks, starting at the water heater. If you smell gas, turn off the main gas valve, open windows and get everyone outside quickly. For information on safe procedures for shutting off the main gas valve, contact your gas company.
  • Shut off any other damaged utilities. For information on safe procedures for shutting off utilities, contact your utility provider.
  • Clean up spilled medicines, bleaches, gasoline and other flammable liquids immediately. Wear protective clothing. For major spills or leaks, call for professional help.
  • Confine or secure your pets.
  • Check on your neighbours, especially the elderly or people with disabilities.

Remember, if you turn off the gas, a professional from the gas company should turn it
back on.

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